[ 2011 ]   

31.10.2010: Version 7.0.0

CS 1.6 LXL LAN CSDM MOD: 7.0.0b.zip [~19 MB]
[LuxBOTz with CSDM-/NOCSDM-/PURE-/X-MOD/h00res BRUSH maps]
Zip includes newest versions of the br_* maps (brush / 1 Bombspot only maps):
de_Nuke_a/b, de_Inferno_a/b, de_Train_a/b, de_Dust2_a/b
Now with LXLDM Windows Menu Configurator v1.1

[LuxBOTz ADDON: including de_mirage and de_forge support (BETA) - only v7.0.0]

Classic 1 Bombspots only MAPS by h00re: (These maps don't need an amx plugin to run)

dust2.zip [includes brush_dust2a and brush_dust2b]
train.zip [includes brush_traina and brush_trainb]

How to / Install:
(1a) Download the newest version
(2a) Extract the CStrike folder in the ZIP or RAR into YOUR Counter-Strike folder
(2b) Overwrite everything
(3b) Be sure to activate MOD autostarter.
(4a) Start Counter-Strike
(5b) Select "New Game"
(5c) Choose your map and click on "Start"

Alternatively (deactivated autostart):
(1a) Download the newest version
(2a) Extract the CStrike folder in the ZIP or RAR into YOUR Counter-Strike folder
(2b) Overwrite everything
(3a) Be sure MOD autostarter. is deactivated.
(4a) Start Counter-Strike
(5b) Select "New Game"
(5c) Choose your map and click on "Start"
(6a) Open your CS 1.6 Console and type in one of the following lines:

"dm_info": Shows you all LXLDM SERVERCOMMANDS with description!

"dm_1": ULTRA LuxBOTz: My k/d-ratio = ~0.7
"dm_2": HIGHSKILLED LuxBOTz : My k/d-ratio = 1.1
"dm_3": AVERAGE LuxBOTz: My k/d-ratio > 1.5
"dm_4": LOW LuxBOTz : My k/d-ratio >>> 2.0

There is also a YouTube "movie installation guide" all the way at the bottom of this page.

- LAN CS1.6 Deathmatch with extremely improved Bots (EPS-LIKE AIM! Better CSDM movement!)
- FFA: Free For All (Everybody vs Everybody: REAL DEATHMATCH)
- 4 differnt skillconfigs
- Unlimited Ammo
- Shows a Headshot highscore at the end of the map
- Removed the 16.000$ limit
- Personalize your own individual dm_userconfig.cfg in your cstrike folder and change LXLDM how you want to
- HUD: Direct bullet damage display
- HUD: Streakcounter up till 100 Frags
- HUD: Spawnprotection display
- HUD: Weapon-Icon display
- Optional: Headshot only mode -> amx_hsonly "1" <-
- Optional: No falling damage mode -> my_falldamage "0-100" <-
- Optional: CS Beta 5.2 movement (beta 0.2: maxspeed, bunnyhop, rollspeed)
- Optional: Shows you your movementspeed and velocity -> "say /speed"
- Optional: Jumpfrags! Damage an enemy by jumping on him from high points
- Optional: Bullets trace lines of enemies
- Optional: NoRecoil Mode for LuxBOTz/users
- Several improvements of newest CSDM (2.1.2k), PodBot(V3B20a) and AMX Mod X (1.8.1) have been made (including FPS tweaks)
- Doubled the amount of CSDM Spawns (60% new Spawns!!!)
- Working previsualisations of all supported maps
- Working BOT pre-Spawnprotection v5.0. Not even a ultra bot with preshots can kill you
- About 400 botnames
- More then 100 supported maps
- Automatic detection of FFA/CSDM maps (cs_maps, de_maps) and non FFA maps (aim_maps, fy_maps)
- Automatic detection for small maps or maps without walls for longer spawnprotection (de_erdnuss, aimtrain)
- Supported maps:
br_dust2_a, br_dust2_b, br_train_a, br_train_b, br_nuke_a, br_nuke_b, br_inferno_a, br_inferno_b, aaa_aim, aAa_arena, aaa_deagle, aimtrain, aim_00, aim_ak-colt-cyber, aim_ak-colt, aim_ak-colt2, aim_ak_colt, aim_aztec, aim_brucke, aim_dgl, aim_fixit, aim_freak, aim_gpa, aim_head2k, aim_map, aim_map2, aim_map_usp, aim_pistols, aim_roccat, aim_wallbang, ak-47_map, as_alpine, as_evacuation, as_forest, as_oilrig, as_tundra, auffe_omme_v, awp_city, awp_map, awp_map_fair, awp_ruins, brush_dust2a(classic), brush_dust2b(classic), brush_traina(classic), BRUSH_TRAINb(classic), cs_747, cs_arabstreets, cs_assault, cs_assault2k, cs_backalley, cs_deathmatch, cs_estate, cs_havana, cs_hightower, cs_italy, cs_militia, cs_office, cs_siege, de_aisle_esl, de_aztec, de_cbble, de_chateau, de_cpl_fire, de_cpl_mill, de_cpl_strike, de_dice, de_dust, de_dust2, de_erdnuss, de_esl_autumn, de_fence_rc1_2, de_fog, de_forge, de_hell, de_inferno, de_jeepathon2k, de_karachi, de_lite, de_nuke, de_piranesi, de_prodigy, de_rats, de_ratz, de_russka, de_storm, de_sunny, de_survivor, de_storage_b11, de_tmar, de_torn, de_train, de_tuscan, de_vegas, de_vertigo, es_jail, fy_baga, fy_buzzkill, fy_dustworld, fy_iceworld, fy_pool_day, fy_quark_esl, fy_simpsons, fy_snow, fy_spongebob, fy_stoneworld, glock_tok, scoutknifez, starwars, usp_map,

Not working with weaponswitcher plugin: de_airstrip
Working only with few bots because of autobuy flood on the maps itself:
aim_sk_ak_m4, aim_sk_aug_sig, aim_sk_awp, aim_sk_galil_famas, aim_sk_glock, aim_sk_usp_deagle,

... and much more!!!

//////////////////////////////////// by 'lux' a.k.a. Dominik Gaupties

YouTube CLIP: 90 seconds of CSDM with the LuxBOTz package (V3.3a)

YouTube CLIP: LuxBOTz [dm.cfg] vs PODbots [100]

This should give you an impression how much STRONGER LuxBOTz are compared to the 'godlike' PODBots

YouTube CLIP: How to install LuxBOTz (*NEW* 01.11.2010)


-> Fixed w7 Menu bug

6.0.7 -> 7.0.0
PREADDED: All 1 Bombspotmaps: br_dust2_a & br_dust2_b, br_inferno_a & br_inferno_b, br_nuke_a & br_nuke_b, br_train_a & br_train_b
ADDED: dm_give_he, dm_give_flash, dm_give_smoke
ADDED: 7.0.0 now works officialy with "russian Steam version", "polnish Steam version" and "CS LAN Steam". Be aware that most of those version are not legal.
ADDED: Message if MOD loads game automaticly
ADDED: Support for de_lite, de_fog, de_fence_rc1_2, de_karachi, de_tmar and de_dice
ADDED: New CSDM spawns: de_lite, de_fog, de_fence_rc1_2, de_karachi, de_tmar and de_dice
ADDED: Bots now react to radio commands again if playing NON CSDM (like Need Backup)
ADDED: Vampire mode -> Gain HP for frags (+7hp/ap for head, +5hp/ap for normal frag - but always at least full hp/ap (100/100))
ADDED: High FPS colored DM Models ( Ts: Red / CTs: Blue )
ADDED: CSDM: If unlimited ammo is deactivated you automaticly get new clips (unlimited reloads)
FIXXED: Slightly increased fps vs lots of bots
FIXXED: Spinning aimbug of bots
FIXXED: All Brush maps are now based on the original maps.
They now have correct lighting conditions and correct wallbang prospects and no marginal texture changes.
(BRUSH maps made with the walkguard plugin by h00re. ©Original mapsmakers)
FIXXED: Menu spelling mistake ("[...] disabled.")
FIXXED: Soundsbugs with dm_trans weapons
UPDATED: dm_info
UPDATED: mapsupport.txt
UPDATED: de_tuscan waypoints
CHANGED: Intro color - easier to read now
REMOVED: Knife and grens from dm_trans "1". Weapons invisible - knife/grens visible.
REMOVED: DM_X.cfg -> Settings now in dm_userconfig.cfg

UPDATED: Windows Menu to version (/
ADDED: Menu easteregg which unlocks all possible options
ADDED: Pistols only
ADDED: CSDM: Hideradar on/off
ADDED: CSDM: Autoswitch to weapon on/off
ADDED: CSDM: Helmets on/off
ADDED: CSDM: Grenades on/off
ADDED: Longjumps support (automaticly actived if "kreedz support" is on)
ADDED: Warningmessage for weaponswitcher plugin
ADDED: Menu can now deactivate plugins completely if not needed - this should safe some fps
ADDED: Skill rater which shows you how strong your configuration is
ADDED: 2 new predefined options (highest / lowest skill rating)
ADDED: Predefined Spawn/Waypointeditor
ADDED: Bots weapons: AWP / FAMAS/GALIL are now accessible
CHANGED: Increased size of status box
CHANGED: Resized and restructured menu

newest: de_lite -> http://www.esportsea.com/index.php?s=downloads&d=choose_mirror&file=18837

5.0a -> 6.0.7
ADDED: LXL MOD Windows Menu Configurator
ADDED: 4 New skill configs
ADDED: OPTIONAL AWP/SCOUT nozoom crosshair: dm_cross <0|1>
ADDED: sv_money <0|1> gives you every round 16k (after Freezetime)
ADDED: dm_give - Opens a menu where you can get an additional weapon (ak, awp, m4a1, deagle, usp )
ADDED: dm_give_ak, dm_give_m4a1, dm_give_awp, dm_give_deagle, dm_give_usp, dm_give_all
ADDED: Bots NoRecoil
ADDED: Ex_interp 0 forcer
ADDED: amx_shot_user <0|1> enables/disables silent aimer of bots at users
ADDED: sv_norecoil <0|1> enables/disables norecoil for all players on server (amx_recoil_mode has to be 2)
ADDED: End of map now shows: 8/8 GODLIKE, 7/8 ULTRA, 6/8 VERY HIGH, 5/8 ...

CHANGED: Bots now get more money then users
CHANGED: Extremly optimized BRUSHT_DUST2b Waypoints

ADDED: Kreedz (kz_)Map support
by adding the Xtreme-Jumps.eu AMXX package v2.1
This enables: "say /checkpoint", "say /gocheck" and so on
for a full list of all kreedz_CMDs look here:
Credits: Fatalis, NumB, eDark, Bla^, xPaw, Koukouz and faker

Bender CS Models by http://www.Counter-Strike.de

REMOVED: Support for linux

FIXXED: Increased loadings speeds of modified botaimer
FIXXED: Players can not get silentaimer of bots anymore

4.9c -> 5.0a
ADDED: Support for h00res brush_traina and BRUSH_TRAINb
ADDED: dm_trans <0|1> enables instantly transparent weapon models (r_drawviewmodel 1 + reloadsound)
ADDED: sv_showspeeds <0|1> for direct activation of speedometer
ADDED: sv_fragcounter <1|0> for direct showing of streak counter (refreshs after first kill)
ADDED: End of map now shows you the SKILL you played on
ADDED: 'Credits' and 'thanks to' in install.txt
ADDED: On non CSDM Maps bots now also use Famas/Galil
READDED: HUD Weapon Icon colors for mode 1
CHANGED: Optimized buying behaviour
CHANGED: Optimized movement of bots on de_aztec
CHANGED: Speedometer is now always set to OFF by default
CHANGED: Increased the botsskill against each other (bots vs bots) on dm_1 and dm_2
FIXXED: Reduced config loading time
FIXXED: Now you cannot ruin the MOD anymore by pushing random buttons while config loading
FIXXED: Bug where a joined user would get aimhelper of the bots

4.9b -> 4.9c
ADDED: Optimized old Spawns and added many new Spawns for de_vertigo, cs_eastate
ADDED: OPTIONAL: amx_bulletdamage_recieved <0|1> (also to dm_userconfig.cfg)
CHANGED: Bullet_damage.amxx to Bullet_damage_redone.amxx
CHANGED: Bullet_damage display time from 4 to 1 seconds
CHANGED: Airmove settings are now ESL standard
CHANGED: Command bullet_damage is now known as amx_bullet_damage
FIXXED: dm_fs_brush Footsteps overwriting dm_fs
FIXXED: Removed some empty last lines out of the configs
FIXXED: Bullet_damage console errormsg
REMOVED: Some unnecessary stuff
REMOVED: Starting bot
REMOVED: Spawn_editor as automaticly started plugin

4.9a -> 4.9b
ADDED: sv_ammo <1|0> - Enables / disables unlimited ammo instantly
ADDED: sv_ammo_bots <1|0> - Enables / disables unlimited ammo for bots instantly
ADDED: sv_ammo and sv_ammo_bots to dm_userconfig.cfg
ADDED: mp_fs_brush (turns on footsteps on brush maps autmaticly) in dm_userconfig.cfg
ADDED: Some more botnames
CHANGED: Optimized waypoints on brush_dust2b
FIXXED: dm_4_t Config loading bug


4.7a -> 4.9a
ADDED: Now supporting h00res 1 Bombspot-Maps (brush_dust2a & brush_dust2b )
ADDED: , , , , ... for only adding 5 bots to the team
ADDED: pb_count6 for maxbots at BRUSH levels in dm_userconfig.cfg
ADDED: New waypoints and visualisation for fy_dustworld
ADDED: aim_freak, aim_roccat, brush_dust2a, brush_dust2b support
ADDED: CSDM Spawns for aim_freak
ADDED: sv_spbots and sv_intro to dm_userconfig
ADDED: "sp_SPextra" Spawnprotection time bots need to start walking on NON CSDM maps
ADDED: ex_interp 0, CLIENT sv_maxupdaterate 101, sv_maxrate 25000 to dm_userconfig.cfg
ADDED: Footsteps <1|0> to dm_userconfig.cfg
ADDED: Bot sv_maxupdaterate 99
ADDED: 250 additional botnames (now > 400)
ADDED: Some infos to dm_info.cfg
CHANGED: sv_spbots is now time in seconds how long BOTS get SPAWNPROTECTION
CHANGED: sv_sptime is now time in seconds how long USERS get SPAWNPROTECTION
FIXXED: fy_dustworld

4.5a -> 4.7a
ADDED: New connectionmessage
ADDED: sv_spbots <1|0> (0 removes spawnprotection of the LuxBOTz)
ADDED: sv_intro - removed connection message
CHANGED: motd.txt

4.0a -> 4.5a
ADDED: Support for de_erdnuss, de_rats, de_ratz, de_hell, de_aisle_esl and de_storage_b11
ADDED: CSDM Spawns for de_rats, de_ratz, de_hell, de_aisle_esl and de_storage_b11
ADDED: New de_nuke spawns
ADDED: Extra spawnprotection time for small maps (de_erdnuss)
ADDED: Optional bullets trace lines of enemies
ADDED: Optional MaxBots on the 4 different map types in dm_userconfig.cfg
ADDED: Optional PodBot menu binding in dm_userconfig.cfg
ADDED: Optional autoexec of dm_beta.cfg in dm_userconfig.cfg
ADDED: Optional NoRecoil Mode for LuxBOTz/users
ADDED: Info how to change Serverside Silentaimer for LuxBOTz/users
ADDED: More waypoints for cs_italy (roofs)
ADDED: Some infos in dm_info.cfg
ADDED: install.txt
ADDED: modt.txtx
CHANGED: waypoints on de_nuke for bombplant/defuse positions
CHANGED: Optimized CSDM spawns for de_nuke
CHANGED: Standard spawnprotection color increased
CHANGED: Optimized spawnconfigs inner alignment for better overview in aequitas config logs
CHANGED: Alignment of dm_userconfig.cfg
CHANGED: Some redundant lines removed
FIXXED: MSG_ONE_UNRELIABLE Bug from connect_message.amxx
FIXXED: aimtrain showing waypoint errors
FIXXED: Bug where you would get 5 damage because you were jumping to fast

3.2c -> 4.0a
ADDED: New Spawnprotection: Rewrote Spawnprotection - should work now to 100% - no prespawnkills from bots
ADDED: Support for most ESL FY/AIM_MAPS (aim_ak-colt, glock_tok, aim_dgl, aim_wallbang, auffe_omme_v, fy_snow, fy_baga,
fy_simpsons, fy_spongebob, fy_quark_esl, aim_wallbang, aim_fixit, aim_brucke, aim_00, de_russka, scoutknifez, aaa_arena, de_westwood)
ADDED: optional cs beta 5.2 movement (beta 0.2: maxspeed, bunnyhop, rollspeed)
ADDED: Jumpfrags: You can now jump on a player and damage him (=fallingdamage) and even get frags.
ADDED: Console closes automaticly after loading config
ADDED: Showinfos for LXL DM V and new added servercommands
ADDED: extra botnames
ADDED: dm_userconfig.cfg (cstrike/addons/lxl/) for defaultuser settings
ADDED: dm_info - shows information about all cvars.
FIXXED: Nade icon
FIXXED: Bug where bots started to kill teammates all the time
FIXXED: de_nuke waypoint errormessage
FIXXED: Several crashes with maps that auto load weapons (aim_sk_*)
CHANGED: message
CHANGED: nfd_plugin is now my_falldamage
CHANGED: my_falldamage max falling damage set to 10
CHANGED: Now loading skillconfigs just with dm_[1-4] instead of exec dm[].cfg

FIXXED: Showing wrong information about loadstatus of CSDM
CHANGED: Bots buying behavior

FIXXED: Startupbug
CHANGED: Dust2 Spawns redone
CHANGED: Nuke Spawns optimized
CHANGED: Nuke Waypoints redone
CHANGED: removed redundant settings
FIXXED: 16.000$->99.999$ Limit not working
ADDED: New supported maps de_aztec, cs_italy, de_inferno, cs_assault, de_nuke, de_dust2, de_prodigy, cs_office

Redone: de_train und cs_backalley Spawns
ADDED: de_tuscan, de_esl_autumn, de_vegas, de_cpl_mill are NOW CSDM+Bot supported
ADDED: Support for aim_pistols, as_evacuation, cs_deathmatch, cs_hightower, de_forge, de_jeepathon2k,
de_russka, de_rotterdam, fy_stoneworld, de_cpl_mill
ADDED: Botnames
ADDED: Standard Visualisation
ADDED: Mapcycle.txt
ADDED: FAQ.txt (englisch)
ADDED: More skillconfigs
ADDED: Headshot only plugin - amx_hsonly <1|0> (default: 0)
ADDED: No Falling damage plugin - nfd_plugin <1|0> (default: 0)
ADDED: aim_maps are NOW automaticly set to FFA OFF (cs_ + de_ maps = FFA ON)
ADDED: PREVisualisation for all supported MAP
ADDED: Protection - you can't exec a dm.cfg twice and messup the settings
ADDED: dmCLEAR.cfg where you can add you personal settings (hsonly, nofallingdamage, showbulletdamage, ...)
FIXXED: aim_map Waypoint-connection error
FIXXED: aim_map_usp crazy bug
FIXXED: Shows you now the skillconfig you loaded
CHANGED: Playercount on aim_maps is now set to 8 - on normal it remains on 12

2.0 -> 3.0
ADDED: HUD-Weaponicon for transparent weaponmodels
ADDED: Shows player with the most headshots at the end of a map
ADDED: HUD-Spawnprotection display
Fixxed: Fragcounter - now works up till 100
Fixxed: Removed further not needed files
Fixxed: Improved spawnprotection
Changed/fixxed: Unlimited ammo now works from the begin
Changed: Increased hitaccuracy of the bots under each other
1.0 -> 2.0
Newest basecode from PodBOTS (kWo edition)
Improved CSDM bot movement
Improved aiming of bots
Added Spawnprotection of one second
Maximum money limit of 16.000$ removed
Removed some not needed files
False virus detections fixxed
Removed bot sound pre wallbangs
Smaller code improvements

Version 2009 -> 1.0:

Version 2008 -> 0.1 - 0.9:

////////////// CREDITS /////////// THANKS TO ///////////

Beta testing: krA, m1tsch, alekz, copa, l1ght, woe, shoa,
readmore.de community, fnatic community, HLTV.org community, ESL community
Creation of BRUSH maps: h00re a.k.a. readmore | bambabam
Thanks for clanb.eu:
I got lots of maps here from:

Also some of my waypoints are based on version of:

Also I got some spawn ideas from:
A lot of my amx plugins are based on version released previously by other people
or the idea was originaly by the author - so CREDITS go to:
Sn!ff3r -> abd.sma
ConnorMcLeod -> amx_bhop.amxx
kingpin / Scarzzurs / appolion -> fragcounter.sma
lucas_7_94 -> best_headshot_lxe.sma
Dores -> hsonly.sma
-Acid- -> Unlimited_Clip_Ammo.sma
ot_207 -> recoil_control.sma
Simon Logic -> myphysics.amxx
Nomexous / met0ri -> shotadmin.sma
Peli / Apollyon -> spawnprotection.sma
Combat Wombat -> advanced_weapon_tracers.amxx
hoboman313 / zenix -> weapon_icon.sma
AcidoX -> speedotmeter.sma
Ramono -> unlimited_money.sma
GHW_Chronic -> GHW_Weapon_Replacement.sma

you can find all of the basic source codes at:
http://forums.alliedmods.net/ (just search or google for the files)

I posted lots of my updated version also in the forums.
If you want a certain source (.sma) of one of my versions - feel free to ask me for it (uhrw3rk@yahoo.de)
Podbot basic sourcecode:
© 2006 Podbot mm
© 2000 Podbot Markus "Count Floyd" Klinge
Powered by Bots-united.com
Also thanks to kWo for also optimizing the Podbot and helping me compile the original source
© Copyright 2003-2010 by the AMX Mod X Dev Team
sawce (SAWCE!): General Development and Maintenance, and ham
BAILOPAN (David Anderson): Project Manager and Lead Developer
Basic-Master (Christian Hammacher): AMXX Studio, AMXX Installer, GabenMod
faluco (Borja Ferrer): General Development and Maintenance
DS (Scott Ehlert): General Development and Maintenance
SniperBeamer (Felix Geyer): Project Founder, Website, Plugins, Configs
Johnny got his gun (Jonny Bergström): Fun and Counter-Strike Modules
PM (Pavol Marko): Lead Developer, AMX Mod X Core, Compiler
SidLuke (Lukasz Wlasinski): DoD, TFC and TS Modules
Extra special thanks go out to:
threeman, kodi, cheffi, donmaier, john r, mghoul, aleex, toopo, dschin, enz, reak, hiob, ne0r, milkay, outi, rav3n, redfox, synd(fnatic.com), gamer(fnatic.com), easy_the_machine - HLTV.org Fan Club(HLTV.ORG), PedMar1sg(HLTV.ORG), pgL91(HLTV.ORG), beepp(sk-gaming.com), schd (readmore.de), major_t0m (readmore.de), faiT (readmore.de) , ZNI (readmore.de), UPSSolo (readmore.de), LilitH (readmore.de), ryaner (readmore.de), Alfred Alkins (readmore.de), kento (readmore.de), danyo (readmore.de), MurphY (readmore.de), DANIEL P. (readmore.de), bigfwoOoOw (readmore.de), asdfm0nster (readmore.de), hOFY (readmore.de), sic (readmore.de), Agent CB (readmore.de), ENTRAZ (readmore.de), julie_sh0t (readmore.de), h2k_sh0t (readmore.de), get cancer and die (readmore.de), Buscemi (readmore.de), timmey-1H (readmore.de), alvator_mundi (readmore.de), TraCid (readmore.de), Aborted (readmore.de), LEGENDE (readmore.de), aCCa - R.I.P cyx (readmore.de), so4p (readmore.de), Serious Bernd (readmore.de), klexr (readmore.de), woot (readmore.de), Uncle Dolan (readmore.de), wtfhax (readmore.de), Sora (readmore.de), kgpforever (readmore.de), Chelsea Smile (readmore.de), PHILIPP (readmore.de), h3h3 j0 (readmore.de), zupzup (readmore.de), again UPSSolo (readmore.de), eNz (readmore.de), lololol (readmore.de), pin (readmore.de), rumzigeunern (readmore.de), iNERTiA (readmore.de), lol32 (readmore.de), eyz (readmore.de), boooya (readmore.de), alvar_jerky (readmore.de), .uNreaL (readmore.de), crvN (readmore.de), APe SInth (readmore.de), chup1n (readmore.de), daengle71 (readmore.de), redd0r (readmore.de), M159852 (readmore.de), wnb (readmore.de), Uchiha Itachi (readmore.de), I can Transform Ya (readmore.de), glaZe (readmore.de), catch (readmore.de)

and finaly fnatic | cArn(fnatic.com)
by Dominik 'lux' Gaupties