[ 2010 ]   

h4xXx0r files (NOT AEQUITAS proof):

amaYa ! Jumpscript:
alias w "wait";
alias +hop
alias "-hop" "-jump";
bind "space" "+hop";

Adding a crosshair to the AWP and Scout:

WWCL / CLANBASE r_drawviewmodel '0' weaponmodels:
transparency FPS Weaponmodels :

WWCL / CLANBASE r_drawviewmodel '0' weaponmodels with jpg picture:
transparency FPS Weaponmodels showing the weapon in form of a small icon (known as z0rr0 weaponmodels):

Painsounds (Painkiller style)
Hitsounds volume increased:

Removing all weapon shot sounds (for silent deathmatch gaming):
Weaponsounds remover:

Colored Player Models:
Ts: red+yellow - CTs: blue+green - high FPS version:

HLTV weapon models:
removes weapon pull animation:

I might add here more later on - but you'll never find here anything that will be usefull in ladder wars.

by Dominik 'lux' Gaupties