[ 2010 ]   

Former players:
lux a.k.a. uNb0t a.k.a. Inc a.k.a. NName a.k.a. [...] Config 2009
r4id a.k.a. raiden
p1r a.k.a. uNsk1lled a.k.a. vrtx
l33 a.k.a. uNa1M
maddinator a.k.a. superkalleConfig 2009
HioB Config 2009
ele a.k.a. el0r
redruM a.k.a. b0nd (later LFS EPS X player)
light a.k.a. m4ttsN Config 2009
shoa Config 2009
donmaier Config 2009
seiken Config 2009
mghoul Config 2009

Former Teammanagers:

Former Homepage:

Former ESL Main account:
amaYa ! 01.09.02
Under log you should be able to find the link to nearly all former players.
(but most accounts have been auto deleted cauz of to long inactivity!)

amaYa ! uNb0t a.k.a lux vs BRET - 1on5 Deagle eco(WWCL):

amaYa ! l33 - "5er" @EPS Summer Qualifier CUP:

ne0rs Aimbotlike - Counter-Strike 1.5 Movie:

ele aZZe 1.5 ESL 1on2 USP-eco:

HioB - GIGA GRANDSLAM PLAYOFFS 1on2 DEAGLE ECO vs Fragmaster and Azzkikr:

Teammate: NName a.k.a. lux :D

Team-amaYa had TOP 3 Ranks in all ladders ever known from 2002-2005 and some of the best accounts ever made
2004: ESL3on3 -> 17-0-0 3on3 1200 points: ne0r, Hiob, lux
2004: EAS -> 10-0-0: ne0r, ele, hiob, lux, sh|ne - later also former teck-on1 l33 and teck-on1 pir,
2002-2003: ESL 5on5 #1 with more then 100 points ledge: voodoo, r0ck, lux, r4id, vdb - later also l33 and pir
2002-2003: Clanbase 2on2.de #1 with more then 200 points ledge: lux & l33
2003: Verderber being first in the 1on1 ladder and uNb0t being second with 18-0-1 only losing vs mbs-dan #3 for over a year.
and so on...

@ 29.08.03 lux even got busted for using an "Aimbot" in an ESPL Match vs a former ESL-ADMIN Anti-Cheatteam (NeSo). The decision has been revoked 2 weeks later, after lux visited a lan and owning former EPS Team Eff-Kult there with 31-2 Stats on de Nuke ct side nearly alone.
Former EPS-Players like HFD Monsta then speaked for the removal of the ban.

But we have to admit - we tweaked as much as possible.
Mostly known was the player ne0r playing with a3d.
lux, l33 and pir playing with valve.rcs with over 200 commands, like cl_showevents 1 - s_occfactor 1 - gl_picmip - cl_nopred - ex_interp - jumpscripts - painsounds - ... and so on in there configs /cstrike folder - giving them an huge advantages in internet games.

A lot of people nowadays still use the ne0r RWIN ~ 17000 or the HioB RWIN > 1.000.000 or the RASPPOE direct connection what l33 and lux already used in 1999.

I decided to upload some of the files I still have from that time (sadly not much...) due to the fact that Aequitas and Insight now detects everything:

by Dominik 'lux' Gaupties