[ 09/2011 ]   

About myself:

Name: Dominik Gaupties a.k.a. "Nick"
Nick: lux
Also known as: NName, uNb0t, Inc, ...

Former GERMAN CS 'Pro Series Player': Ex amaYa, Aliengaming, TBH, faculty, B4Y
National 'Federal State Player': Bavaria

CPU: Intel Core i7-4970K 4x 3.30GHz @Yasya Scythe
RAM: Kingston ValueRAM 8B
Graficcard: Asus Gef 770 Ti DCII
Soundcard: 7.1
Harddrives: SSD 1TB
Monitor: Iiyama 27" Full-HD 120 HZ
System: Windows 7
Mouse: Zowie AM Sens:1.0 Accel OFF, CPL FIX, -noforce[spd,parms,accel]
Mouse Skatez: S S
Mousepad: Steelseries QcK
Keyboard: V100
Headphones: Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 7.1 Surround
Connection: T-COM DSL 16 Mbit/s

CS-Launchoptions: -console -w 640 -freq 120 -refresh 120 -noipx -nojoy -useforcedmparms -noforcemspd -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -32bpp -preload 1 -heapsize 1048576 -noaafonts -gl -gldrv Default -full -dxlevel 95 +ex_interp 0.01 +s_eax 1

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by Dominik 'lux' Gaupties