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CS 1.6 LXL LAN CSDM MOD: 7.0.0b.zip (31.10.2010) [~19 MB]
[LuxBOTz with CSDM-/NOCSDM-/PURE-/X-MOD/h00res new BRUSH Maps]
Now with LXLDM Windows Menu Configurator v1.1
[LuxBOTz ADDON: including de_mirage and de_forge support (BETA) - only v7.0.0]

Some 1.6 tricks
awp/scout nozoom ch, jumpscript, painsounds, colored models,
htlv weapon models, transparent (clanbase) weapon models, ... etc.
Not allowed in lan/leagues.

Wishlist for version 8.x.x

high priority:
-> Check compability for all CS1.6 version atm (2015/2016)
-> CSGO Support

mid priority:
->Reload Menu save settings
->MAPPACKAGE with all supported maps
->ONLINE server support

low priotrity:
->Walkguard walls visible(brushmaps)
->longjump stats enabler
->optimize waypoints & movement
->better support for aim_sk_* maps
->awp_only & smarter awp handling
->de_airstrip fix
->buyspeed optimization

You got a(n) additional(ly) wish(es)?!
feel free to let me know!
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